Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program - Terms and Conditions

  1. Administrator of the loyalty program (“Administrator”) - the legal entity operating the loyalty program, specified in point 1 of Appendix 1.
  2. Loyalty Program (“Program”) - a set of activities designed to reward Participants for the purchase of qualifying services and products as well as other activities specified in the Terms. The duration of the Program will be specified in points 2 and 3 of Appendix 1.
  3. Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) - the following document setting forth the conditions, scope and membership requirements for the Program.
  4. Participant (“Participant”) - any person or other entity with legal capacity who enrols in the Program in accordance with the Terms.
  5. Participant Account (“Participant Account”) - an electronic account assigned to a Participant, accessible under the address specified in point 4 of Appendix 1, containing information on all rewarded activities of a Participant.
  6. Point Balance (“Balance”) - the number of points accrued by a Participant.
  7. Reward (“Reward”) - a service, product or other benefit specified by the Administrator in the rewards catalogue in Appendix 3, for which a Participant can redeem accrued points.
  1. Participants can enrol in the Program by expressing, in writing or electronically, the will to participate in the Program, accepting the Terms and activating a Participant Account by the Administrator.
  2. Upon the activation of the Participant Account, the Participant will receive a confirmation message, sent to the email address or the phone number specified during registration.
  3. The Administrator can enrol the Participant in the Program, in case of which the Administrator is obliged to make the Terms available to the Participant.
  4. The Participant has the right to cancel the membership at any moment, through the Participant Account or by contacting the Administrator and expressing the will to do so. Cancellation takes effect immediately.
  5. The Participant can take part in the Program exclusively in person and membership is not transferable.
  6. Membership in the Program is limited to one Participant Account per individual.
  7. The Participant can verify his or her current Balance by contacting the Administrator or through the Participant Account.
  1. Points are awarded for a purchase of qualifying products and services by the Participant, as well as for other activities specified in Appendix 2.
  2. Earned points are accrued on the Participant Account.
  3. The Participant can check the Balance history through the Participant Account.
  4. A given activity can be rewarded only once.
  5. The Participant can receive points during additional promotional events and contests, subject to separate terms and conditions specified for those events.
  6. The Administrator has the right to correct the Balance if points have been awarded by mistake.
  7. Points cannot be exchanged for cash, sold or transferred to a different person.
  1. The Participant can redeem accrued points for rewards.
  2. The list of rewards and the number of points required to obtain them comprises Appendix 3.
  3. Rewards can be collected from the Administrator’s premises.
  4. The Participant is to communicate the will to collect a Reward at least 3 working days prior to the collection. Lack of such communication may result in unavailability of a reward.
  5. The Participant can communicate the will to collect a reward through the Participant Account, by email or by phone.
  6. Upon the collection of a reward, a defined number of points will be deducted from the Participant’s Account in accordance with Appendix 3.
  7. The Administrator has the right to request the Participant to confirm in writing that the Participant has collected a reward.
  1. The Administrator will store and process some personal data of Participants.
  2. The Administrator will process the following personal data: first name, last name, email address, phone number, postal address.
  3. The Participant’s personal details will be used to enable the provision of the Program. Among others, the data will be used to notify the Participant about any changes in the Balance or inform the Participant of any additional ways in which the Participant can earn points.
  4. Providing personal details is voluntary, but required for joining the Program.
  5. Each Participant can view and update his or her personal details. Upon cancelling the membership, personal details will be deleted.
  1. In the event of points being awarded incorrectly, the Participant has the right to raise a complaint by sending an email to the address specified in point 1 of Appendix 1. The complaint should be investigated within 14 days.
  2. The Administrator has the right to terminate the Program at any moment. The Administrator will communicate the termination of the Program through the Participant Account and the Administrator’s website at least 14 days prior to the termination date. After terminating the Program, redeeming points for rewards will not be possible.
  3. The Terms may be updated at any moment by placing a new version of the Terms on the Administrator’s website and notifying each Participant by sending an email to the email address specified by the Participant. If the Participant does not object to the changes in the Terms within 14 days from the notice, it is assumed that the Participant accepts the changes. If the Participant does not accept the updated Terms, he or she will not be able to continue participating in the Program, but will be able to redeem points under the conditions specified in the Terms prior to change.
  4. The Terms are governed by and interpreted under the provisions of the law of the Administrator’s country of operation.
  5. Appendices constitute an integral part of the Terms.


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